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Fernando Sor

Fernando Sor: The Beethoven of the Guitar Fernando Sor: The Beethoven of the Guitar

Tonar Music announces a new recording, Fernando Sor, (Tonar 61201) featuring Grammy nominated guitarist Manuel Barrueco performing music of the celebrated Spanish guitar virtuoso and revered composer, Fernando Sor (1778-1839). His music is flashy and virtuosic, and he was often called “the Beethoven of the guitar” by his contemporaries.

Says Barrueco:
“This Sor recording includes several of my own personal favorites as well as a few little-known works that perhaps deserve more attention. In my opinion, Sor’s genius comes through most clearly in his short pieces, many of them perfect little gems filled with elegance, balance, refinement, and above all, beauty.”

The new CD features Barrueco’s own edition of specially selected works by the composer, an edition which is being published at the same time on Tonar Music:  Fernando Sor: Selected Works (Tonar 61215)